Thursday, January 3, 2013


More than a few tidbits that hopefully don't throw me out of the "average" bracket...

-I like to dip my french fries in mayonnaise.
-I rarely floss my teeth and the hygienist lectures me every time.
-I don't enjoy scary, sad or violent movies....there's too much of all that in sight and I don't care to see it on screen.
-I've been drunk only once in my life, seriously.
-I'm a kid at heart and will ALWAYS love Walt Disney World.
-I've never owned a brand new car.
-I secretly want to be nominated for TLC's What Not to Wear. (Is that even on anymore?)
-I let my kids watch television.
-I actually thought bowling shoes were to protect your feet.
-I hate all seafood except cheesy crab dip and albacore tuna.
-I can pack for a weekend away in less than ten minutes.
-It usually takes me a month to finish reading a book (I'm easily distracted).
-I have kept every card or note my husband has ever given me even before he was my husband.
-I let my son eat Pop Tarts for breakfast...sometimes.
-I have forgotten about clean clothes in the washer and had to re-wash more times than I can count.
-I listen to Barney in the car when there are no kids in the car. Accidentally, I promise.
-I still don't know how to use a graphing calculator...should I ?
-I was obsessed with Annie as a child.
-I long to travel anytime, anywhere!
-I once got stung by a bee on my tongue...ask me to tell you the story.
-I once walked down a ski slope in ski boots, carrying my skis...yep.
-I know the words to far too many Barbra Streisand songs.
-I still have my Nancy Kerrigan scrapbook...Why, why?
-I like to wake up before the sun when I'm on vacation...who does that?
-I've never been happy with my weight.
-I splinted a toad's broken leg...remember Heidi?
-I craved chicken chimichangas during both of my pregnancies.
-I went to the United We Stand concert in 2001!
-I once had a troll collection.
-I can swim underwater faster than you...wanna race?
-I am a horrible navigator...don't ask me to read the map. be continued

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

but let's not forget are some great memories from last year...

JANUARY- My father in law holding our sweet new baby Colin

FEBRUARY- I LOVE my new camera lens!

MARCH- A wonderful family trip to Walt Disney World!

APRIL- Smack dab in the middle of potty training

MAY- Exploring Muscoot Farm during Mother's Day weekend

JUNE- some local strawberry picking

JULY- my mom's birthday flowers

AUGUST- train watching in Strasburg

SEPTEMBER- Scott begins Nursery school

OCTOBER- fun times at Ashcombe Farms

NOVEMBER- Thanksgiving in New York

DECEMBER- Our sweet baby Colin turns ONE!
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