Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You Scott.... 9/27/11

You've made me absolutely love being a mom!  I love it when you....

-hold your arms out and ask for a hug
-give me Eskimo kisses
-say Hi Mama! when I walk in from work
-ask Dada to give me a kiss on the cheek
-name all the trains you are playing with
-say "Homerun" when you see baseball on tv
-say"touchdown" when you see football on tv
-name your Grandparents when you look at their photos in your room
-ask me to kiss ang hug your bear goodnight
-take care of you baby (Baby Ben)
-say hi to your teachers by name at school
-greet your friends at school by saying "Hi!" and their name
-lose your pants because you have no butt, (much cuter than when it happens to Dad)
-ask for baby powder to rub on you belly every time you are changed
-give Dada chest bumps
-use your imagination and play for an hour at a time alone
-wipe your hands and face with your napkin when you are done with dinner
-hug Louie
-want to feed Louie
-want to feed your fish
-talk to Grandpop on the phone
-ask to smell everything
-name colors that you see
-ask for french fries at 7am in the McDonald's drive through
-color and draw with your left hand
-sing Twinkle Twinkle
-ask for a bubble bath
-say please
-say thank you
-pretend to take my picture (because I take yours so often)
-say hi to strangers (for now)
-eat green beans and like them
-try to dress yourself
-pee on the potty
-ask for Mama first thing every morning
-you and Dada go watch the trains
-make animal sounds
-hug your cousin Ben
-talk to the baby in my belly
-....oh, I love everything you do, I could go on forever!!!!!

Please don't grow up too fast!!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall is Here! 9/25/11

Fall is my absolute favorite season!  The air turning crisp, the leaves changing, the beautiful colors of leaves, mums, pumpkins and apples temp me to enjoy this season to it's fullest.  It's just the end of September and I'm already planning on when and where to go apple picking, and where to get the best fall photos of my little boy.  I did some research on the internet this morning and found what looks to be a great apple orchard about 20 min northeast of us.  I can't wait until we can get over there and pick some juicy ones for homemade applesauce!  We already have a favorite pumpkin patch about a half hours drive to the north that we will be sure to visit again this year!  There are Halloween activities going on at school at locally at Hersheypark that we will also be sure to enjoy!  We typically spend Thanksgiving in New York and always take a trip to the cider mill while we are there....to me this ends the fall season and begins the Christmas holiday season.  Although I love both, I'm always sad to see autumn go.  Now, time to pack in as much red, yellow, orange and brown as we can!  I wouldn't mind finding some yummy apple cider doughnuts to top it all off!

Here are some of my fav fall pics from last year, I hope to add a post with a new bunch in a week or so!