Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You Scott.... 9/27/11

You've made me absolutely love being a mom!  I love it when you....

-hold your arms out and ask for a hug
-give me Eskimo kisses
-say Hi Mama! when I walk in from work
-ask Dada to give me a kiss on the cheek
-name all the trains you are playing with
-say "Homerun" when you see baseball on tv
-say"touchdown" when you see football on tv
-name your Grandparents when you look at their photos in your room
-ask me to kiss ang hug your bear goodnight
-take care of you baby (Baby Ben)
-say hi to your teachers by name at school
-greet your friends at school by saying "Hi!" and their name
-lose your pants because you have no butt, (much cuter than when it happens to Dad)
-ask for baby powder to rub on you belly every time you are changed
-give Dada chest bumps
-use your imagination and play for an hour at a time alone
-wipe your hands and face with your napkin when you are done with dinner
-hug Louie
-want to feed Louie
-want to feed your fish
-talk to Grandpop on the phone
-ask to smell everything
-name colors that you see
-ask for french fries at 7am in the McDonald's drive through
-color and draw with your left hand
-sing Twinkle Twinkle
-ask for a bubble bath
-say please
-say thank you
-pretend to take my picture (because I take yours so often)
-say hi to strangers (for now)
-eat green beans and like them
-try to dress yourself
-pee on the potty
-ask for Mama first thing every morning
-you and Dada go watch the trains
-make animal sounds
-hug your cousin Ben
-talk to the baby in my belly
-....oh, I love everything you do, I could go on forever!!!!!

Please don't grow up too fast!!!!!!

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