Wednesday, June 26, 2013

18 Months

Our little daredevil Colin is 18 months old today!  Never without a bruise on his body (in today's case a black eye), has perfected his screeches to glass-breaking decibels, the pickiest eater we've ever seen and one of the sweetest little boys you could ever meet.  His kisses come in bunches of at least 5.  He pats our shoulders while snuggling on us at night, he loves to brush his teeth, comb his hair with sand shovels and chase the cat at all hours.  He is completely stubborn and has a lion sized temper.  His vocabulary is small but his language is clear!  We love him with all our heart and could go on and on about his qualities and quirks.  We are blessed to have him here with us and couldn't imagine life without his sweet smile and bright baby blues.  I took out the camera tonight and put Colin in the most fitting outfit I could find and then proceeded to snap away for about half an hour.  Take a look at these fun (un-edited) pics of my baby boy!  Enjoy.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Strawberry Picking

I took the boys strawberry picking today at a farm about ten minutes from our house.  Scott loved looking for the most red berries he could find and Colin just tried to absorb the atmosphere (and a few berries!)  We gathered a little over a pound before the excitement began to wear off.  It was a cheap, fun outing and we're looking forward to using the strawberries as a topping to some homemade pound cake!  Yum!




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