Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freshly fallen snow reminds me of frosted mini wheats... 1/26/11

Well, it does...I guess I like cereal a little too much!  I had a scarier than scary drive into work today since it was snowing pretty hard at 6 30 this morning, but I faced my fear and actually made it...turning around and going home crossed my mind more than a few times.  The snow eased up and the afternoon was quiet.  I came home to a napping house and decided to go outside and snap a few shots while the guys snored away.


Our happy home :)

Can't see the Christmas lights can you?  They'll be gone before Easter.....hopefully!

Lou sitting in his favorite window trying to contain that pouncing instinct

I won't tell you about the part where I locked myself outside and had to call Sean from the neighbor's house to unlock the door...whoops!  Once Scott woke up from his nap (still in his PJs...Daddy days are awesome) I was glad to have some play time with him before dinner.  He's always in such a good mood after his naps!  He is growing up so fast that sometimes it scares me.  I always hope we are being the best parents we can be....he's a smart, cheerful little guy so I think we're doing ok.  Of course I took some photos...

Man, he's cute!

Say cheese Mama!

PEACE...Gymbo style!

Snuggling on his fluffy rug

My loves!

watching trains on of Scott's favorite activities!

and here we go again....still coming down!
 We're over the hump...always a nice thought....goodnight!

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