Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Hike.....through the mall! 1/23/11

Yeah yeah, it was 19 degrees outside....we skipped the outdoors today, but did find an excuse to take a ride over to King of Prussia to walk the mall and meet up with my parents for lunch.  I have never really spent much time at the KOP mall before and honestly I wasn't that impressed.  Yes, they have some great stores, everything you can think of pretty much but the layout....just weird!  We started at the Court and found the walkway over to the Plaza after finally looking at a map and realizing it connected through Macy's.  I thought it would be a nice, heated walking bridge over, but no....coats back on and out into the cold....annoying!  Anyway Scott enjoyed some time in and out of the stroller mostly people watching and I didn't buy a is possible!  We thought Bahama Breeze for lunch would be a good distraction from the was.   My dad had Chicken Caesar salad, seafood quesadillas for my mom with conch chowder,  Sean ordered a Cuban sandwich and I shared a yummy cilantro crema grilled chicken with Scott.  It's always nice to get together with family even if it was just for a couple of hours.

 This is how our mall portion of the day went....


He loved checking out his reflection in the shiny black tiles!
and then he actually bent over and kissed his reflection on the floor.....ok, eww time to get back in the stroller

I think it's time we go get lunch... 
We'll just pretend we're in the Bahamas
nobody look at the snow outside the window!
yay, time with Grandmom!
Yay, Ginormous onion rings!
time with Grandpop too!
Why are these people wearing coats, hats and gloves in the Bahamas?
Another nap for the ride home....we'll take it!

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