Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Dungeon 2/26/11

We have a basement.

It doesn't look like this

or this

or even this.

Our basement looks like this...

and this...

But there is a small section of our subterranean storage space that we have carved out for our little guy.  It's nothing more than a carpeted corner of the basement with lots of toys, toys, music, books and toys, but he loves it.  I've received lots of recycled tot furniture from school and put it to good use.  We take Scott down there sometimes to play and hours can go by without us even realizing it.  Someday we may finish the dungeon or just move on to a new house, but for now I'm happy that he's happy in his basement baby cave! 

Take a look...

Who could complain when there is a slide involved????

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  1. I definitely see some old Goddard furniture in there! LOL....glad it was put to good use and not just thrown out. (I wonder if I can get Nicole to ship some of old preschool/pre-K/kinder stuff out here! My classroom definitely needs some upgrades...and I'm pretty sure Goddard's "used" would be in good enough shape for my class!