Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy 2/20/11

Caitlin is visiting us for the week and we decided to take a trip down to Charm City and spend some time at the National Aquarium.  Caitlin and I hadn't been there in years and Sean and Scott had never visited.  We had a great time!  Scott really seemed interested in all the sea creatures, but I think the best part of his trip was taking in the views from the huge windows in the third floor snack bar...(the little things).  I, on the other hand could watch sea turtles and sting rays all day.   We topped off our little day trip with a yummy deep dish pizza at Pizzeria Uno.  Here are more than a few snapshots from our day :)

After we told Scott we're taking him to see the fish! LOL

Alright, Let's Go!

Calypso, the sea turtle :)

She only had one flipper :(

Sean was most likely staring at Camden Yards, Scott just enjoying the free ride!

Scott knows Piranas are scary!

aww, Puffins!

Puffin tootsies!

My husband has dimples :)

Hi Mr. Turtle!


I think we were interrupting their date

Who needs Windex?

these frogs reminded me of a really old married couple

Welcome to the rain forest

trying to locate the most annoying bird in the world

I need a refill!!!!

Scott loves his Aunt Caitlin so much that he is willing to share his french fries!

Yes, I like a little parmesan cheese :)

My love :)

All of our trips end this way :)

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