Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Do Not Regret- 2/8/11

-choosing to buy a pre-owned, affordable car rather than a brand new bank-buster

-traveling off-season when the crowds are quieter and the rates are cheaper

-my decision not to spend $$$$ on a daily- tall,skinny, nonfat, quadruple shot, beverage of choice...with whip

-working hard to save and purchase a first home that needed and still needs lots of love

-our Valentine's Day tradition of delivery pizza and a bottle of sparkling wine

-shopping at Target rather than Neiman Marcus

-only using the Pottery Barn catalog for inspiration

-getting my hair trimmed at Super Cuts over the latest and greatest salon

-working part-time to be with my family more even if it means fewer dinners out

-buying baby gear at great yard sales

-adopting an adult cat who needed a family

-hand crafting the save-the-date cards for our wedding

-coming home from London with no souvenirs but my photos

-living without stainless steel kitchen appliances

-enjoying the local libraries

-using cut flowers from my garden to cheer up my home
---------------to be continued--------------------

"Simplicity is an exact medium between too little and too much"  Sir Joshua Reynolds


  1. Hi Lauren!! I've been reading your blog every now and then, and have really enjoyed it! You take such wonderful pictures- you may have a nice camera, but I'm also sure that you have a great eye! (and such adorable subjects.) The pictures of Scott are so alive! I love his little face, and feel like I know him, even though I haven't spent more than a few moments with him!

    I also appreciate this entry- Your "do not regret" list. One of the reasons that I love the Bay area, is that (many) people really appreciate simplicity. There is such a movement to get back to a small-town, locally sustained economy, and it is inspiring. There's not a lot of pressure to look a certain way, drive a nice car, or wear designer duds- but more pressure to recycle, shop consignment and walk or ride your bike! (I'm still very car reliant and am pretty good about recycling MOST of the time....) It is still a struggle for me sometimes to not feel like I need to purchase a new shirt/pants/jacket/etc. because my current clothes are out of date....but thankfully, 1.) I don't have the funds to do so and 2.) there is a mindset (at least in Berkeley) that that stuff just doesn't really matter!

    My parents were raised in a time when frugality was something to be admired, and I continue to think that it is a worthwhile practice. (Although as a child/teenager, it made me crazy when my parents wouldn't by me the newest clothes, I am grateful that they taught me restraint and to realize that material things are not what make us ultimately happy in life.)

  2. Thanks Jessica....I'm having a lot of fun with the blog. It's a great way to journal some feelings and remember special moments. I love that even on days when I don't have my camera (these days are rare) or a photo to post, I can always just write something that sparks my mind at that moment in time...I try to be frugal when I can and save bigger spending for things I love (like travel). I don't need the cutest, most expensive handbags or a constant flow of new clothes, but I enjoy a splurge once in a while. Berkley sounds like a place I would enjoy, from your descriptions, it reminds me a lot of the town I worked in while living in NY. Glad you check in once in a while....good to know I'm not the only one reading my blog!