Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sidewalk Stroll 2/6/11

Thanks to my generous, sweet husband, I enjoyed sleeping in this morning.  Sean gets up with Scott every Sunday and lets me snooze to my hearts it was 10 am. I'm used to waking up around 6:00 so this is always a treat.  I love him so much!  After moving around like turtles, we finally ventured out for a nice walk.  I want to go on more hike-like outings on Sundays, but with all the snow on the ground we just decided to stick with sidewalks this week.  We drove over to the cute little borough of Camp Hill and just walked all over the place.  We skipped the Ergo and let Scott enjoy his strolller.  The sun finally showed itself and stayed out most of the afternoon, so we were happy and suprisingly a bit warm which hasn't happened lately.  We walked by Confit, a french bistro we are planning to try when Aunt Caitlin comes to visit in a couple weeks...(Caitlin has offered to babysit one night...AWESOME)  and were happy to see they are also opening a french bakery in the area soon.  If I can't go to France quite yet, I can at least pretend can't I? 

Can't wait to try this place, I 've heard nothing but good things


After we walked and talked for quite a while, we headed home for lunch and Scott's nap.  We enjoyed a nice relaxing afternoon before Sean had to head off to work tonight.  A perfect end to a typical, busy week! 

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