Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photo Wall 3/27/11

I've recently moved my black and white photo wall from our staircase to the large wall in our kitchen.  I was at a co-workers house last weekend and she had photos covering her walls and the kitchen was no exception.  I figured why not?  The kitchen is as good a place as any to display some of my favorite family pics.  When people visit, we spend most of the time in there anyway.  I definitely won't be writing a "how-to" post about hanging a photo wall, but I will show some snapshots of my work in progress.  I hung all the frames free handed and didn't measure or really plan at all.  I think that's probably risky on my part and may explain all the holes under the frames (they're hidden, so it's OK).  We still have some colorful advertising models gracing the frames, until I get a few more of my photos printed, but at least I have them spaced out the way I like.  I'm really happy how it is turning out!  Take a look!

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