Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Ramble

Newborn diapers, Thomas the Tank Engine, put gas in my car, port wine cheddar cheese on white bread, staples OUCH!, pressures up, polar express on, cat hair on the couch, need a flash, ordered the expensive stroller, m&ms in my stocking, buy some stamps, fireplace candles not symetrical, Chuggington, formula, bottles, potty training, dusty tricycle, train ride with the baby, Disney planning, Mickey clothes, lots of Christmas cards, headache, Tylenol, iPhone, stepping on wooden trains, packing lunch, soy milk, paycheck, appointments, gift cards, maternity leave, chill in the house, ripe bananas, Lady Gaga in Lancaster, soft red blanket, Crazy Stupid Love, Wilson, Koko, Brewster, Cheerios, blueberries, cat food, bopppy pillow, heater kicks on, I've been working on the railroad, sit on potty, nope I dry, engagement, news, Tom Hanks new movie, no nail polish, dirty socks, Paris, return library books, orange spice tea, need sleep, 2 sons, all boys, only girl, sparkly ornaments, photography class, mad elf, Chilis chips and salsa, new frames, clothes shopping, 11 lbs, cat snores, babies sleeping I should too!

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