Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Recent Obsession

I've recently become obsessed with redecorating our bedroom.  Our house was built in 1954 and somewhere along the line previous owners remodeled the attic into a living space.  We had always used it for storage and a guest room but now that we have 2 kids using the bedrooms downstairs, we've moved up and taken it as our own.  Luckily, my dad and brother helped us out and built a wall and a door to the room and made it more private and separate.  We still have to deal with slanted ceilings and the occasional bumps on the head but it truly is a big space and actually roomier than the bedroom we were in downstairs.  Only now, 7 weeks after our second little man was born am I finally getting around to organizing the chaos that was the aftermath of all the swapping.  It's a lot of junk really and it's been nice to go through some old stuff and just throw it away!  I am organizing everything else that we are keeping in a way that will hopefully keep me satisfied for at least a couple of years.  When we moved into the house we painted the room a neutral gray and it's stayed that way ever since.  I've been noticing a lot lately that gray and yellow are a hot color combo and I've decided those colors would be nice to work with upstairs.  I'd like to make the room light and bright since we only have one small window and yellow works well for that.  I am also going to try my hardest to stay on a tight budget and do a lot of the artwork/accessories on my own.  There are so many DIY options floating around that it shouldn't be a problem.  I'm excited to undertake this project and I will definitely post photos of the finished product (and possibly some along the way shots too).  A lot of my inspiration comes from as well as ideas I come up with at 3:30 in the morning when I should be sound asleep.  What are your favorite color combos?

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