Thursday, February 2, 2012

A New Toy

A 35 mm prime lens for my Nikon D3100!  I am excited about this little lens because it produces great blur, it's very lightweight and works well in low light conditions!  I practiced a bit with it yesterday and really like it a lot.  This lens doesn't zoom at all so if I want close ups, I have to move closer to my subject, but it captures detail very well and the sharpness impresses me.  I'll need some work on making manual adjustments while I use this lens and making sure I focus on just the right spots.   I'm loving it!
Here are a few of my practice shots...

This one of Lou was taken at night with only lamp light.  I love not using a flash or a tripod and still getting a clear shot!


  1. So, do you like it? I guess that's a silly question, we are debating between a 35 and 50. Still can't decide.

  2. I love it so far, seems like it's going to be pretty universal for me once I get the hang of it, good price too! I think you'll enjoy the close up shots you can get!