Tuesday, August 14, 2012

For Me

I went to the library today, on my own, which is rare.  I picked up a couple books that I had put on hold for myself and of course a handful of books for the boys as well.  Honestly, I take forever to finish a novel.  I love to read, really I do but I let a lot of other things get in the way.  I think I may have only read two books this whole summer so far.  One of the biggest distractions (besides parenting) is the internet.  Either on my phone or on my laptop, web surfing, blogging, facebooking, instagraming, pinteresting, shopping, etc....it all eats up so much time.  So, my goal as small as it may be is... to carve out some time every day... For me.  To read.  With no internet.  No children.  No husband.  Maybe the cat.  It is very possible, and I know I can do it.  With that said, here's to my 3rd book of the summer! (embarrassing I know)  Chapter 1 GO!  
What are you reading?
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