Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Angel Choir

Since Scott loves to sing so much, I recently suggested he join the Angel choir at our church which consists of kids ages 3 through Kindergarten.  Turns out he loves it!  But let me clarify...he loves the games, the prayers, the piano, the kids, the directors, the songs but not the actual singing.  Oh yes, he sings the songs at home for us and for his grandparents but I've yet to see him open his mouth to sing at a rehearsal.  Last week was his first time performing with the choir during a church service and he was so brave and happy but still... no singing.  We are so proud of him for marching up to the front of the sanctuary and standing with all his friends, even sneaking in a few waves to Mama.  I am confident that one day soon, he won't be able hold back the notes but until then I'll just be content knowing he's having a great time!

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