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We decided to take a short overnight trip to Pittsburgh last week during Sean's days off.  He has been itching for baseball to start and since we'd never been to PNC park or Pittsburgh for that matter, we decided to give it a go.  We caught a ballgame, saw some of the sights, ate great food and just had a good time.  Here are some photos from our mini-vaca...
Colin and Scott are such great travelers!  There were no complaints during our three hour trip westward on the PA Turnpike.  It was a pleasant ride indeed!

The Squirrel Hill Tunnel was the last of the mountain tunnels before Pittsburgh.  I think we went through at least five!

Inside the Squirrel Hill Tunnel

Scott was anxiously awaiting his first view of the city...

and there is is!

The boys enjoying the wonderful view of Point State Park from our hotel room.  There was so much to see outside that Scott and Colin rarely played or watched tv during our stay.  There must have been a freight train going by at least every fifteen minutes as well as cars and trucks coming out of the Fort Pitt tunnel and over the bridge.  We could also see the Duquesne Incline trams consistently going up and down Mt. Washington. 

We stayed at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown, a perfect location for walking to the ballpark!

Our first view of PNC Park

We walked across the Roberto Clemente Bridge over to the ballpark

Me and my boys....ready for the game!

Cute backpack Sean ;)

Nice view of downtown Pittsburgh from the stadium

So glad we have memories like this!

Best ballpark I've been to, sorry Phils.

Play ball!

What a view!  Of course I climbed all over the stadium to get some photos.

Glad we were able to see part of an MLB opening series!


Awesome seats only 15 bucks each!

Nothing like a baseball game with your boys!

Sean stayed in his seat to watch the game, I on the other hand wandered and took the boys strolling around the park.  For me, seeing a baseball game isn't just about the plays on the field, it's also about enjoying the atmosphere and appreciating the park!

What's a baseball game without Cracker Jacks?

Soriano isn't very liked by the Pittsburgh fans

So cute!

Do any other ballparks have views like this?

No, I did not pose him

I think this is my favorite shot from the day!

Back in the hotel relaxing with some YouTube

and watching the trains go by

Ok, how did this photo end up here?

All tuckered out

Sunset from our window

Good Morning Colin...This kid slept so well!  We put him in the crib about 8pm and were worried that it might be a rough night because we were all in the same room.  Well, he must have been totally exhausted because he slept until 8am and woke up happy as can be!

Morning commuters coming into the city from the Fort Pitt tunnel and bridge

First stop on the agenda for Friday, the Duquesne Incline

The incline was built in 1877!

Scott was so excited about the "Duke Incline"!  I think if we let him, he would have ridden all day.

Great view of downtown Pittsburgh!

Family shot at the top

Going down

Next stop, lunch at the Hofbrauhaus!

Beer mug lockers, so cool!

One happy guy

Sean's mug of Dunkel

Me and my little man

Another happy guy!


My potato soup was delicious!

I think the hostess shunned us to the corner when she saw all our baby gear..

I guess it was better than squeezing a highchair in here

Great beer,

great food!

Even Scott went German...He ordered Kinderschnitzel (breaded, boneless pork)  He loved it!

He was either grouchy because it was naptime or because he isn't 21 choose.

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Tummies were full, kids were sleeping in the backseat, time to hit the road.  We'll see you again sometime Pittsburgh.

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