Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Here are some photos taken today while we spent a nice extended weekend visiting family in New York.  We had a wonderful time visiting Bear Mountain state park and zoo.  The weather was wonderful and I couldn't have asked for a better Mother's Day! 
Beautiful flowers from my boys

Me time is rare, but so much appreciated!

Grams opening her present

Breakfast at the diner with the family

I'll cherish this always!

Aren't the azaleas gorgeous?!?!


We took an afternoon drive up to Bear Mountain state park.  It was a lovely day!  This is the Bear Mountain Lodge.

Walking toward the lake and zoo

Mama Goose was celebrating Mother's Day too

The lake was beautiful and looked so refreshing!

Poppa strolling Colin to the zoo

The zoo was great, wooded and shady!

Watching those silly bears

The vultures were all over the place near the bear exhibit...the bears must get fed well


Checking out the views of the Hudson

The Bear mountain bridge

Looking down the river and taking in the gorgeous views of the Hudson Valley

Sean, Lauren, Colin and Popeye!

Great photo of my mother and father in law!

Taking a break at the top of the zoo....quite a climb!

Scott walked almost 3 miles and remained happy...what a trooper!

Stopping with Aunt Caitlin to pet a cute dog

What a smile!

Last activity for the day was a ride on the carousel!

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