Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Card Catalog 1/19/11

I finally did get off the couch today and took a little trip to the library.  I renewed a Nutcracker 2 disc CD for the 3rd time because I am not yet ready to admit that the 2nd CD is actually lost.  I still have a bit of hope that I will find it under a dirty sock somewhere over the next 3 weeks.  Anyway, it wasn't a completely negative trip....

got myself a couple I need to make the time to read them

and a photography book about Paris (my goal is to visit The City of Lights for our 10th anniversary...we have a few years to save!)

a learning tool

of course a few for the little guy

and the best part of the trip, a brand new magenta library card....little things do make me happy!

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  1. I read One Day! It was great I think you'll like it :)