Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This nursery is missing a baby! 1/19/11

 As I sit here in my living room, cross legged, laptop on lap, all alone on an unexpected day off, I think about what kinds of silly posts I could add to my blog.  I wonder who the heck would ever want to read about me and the goings-on in my life.  Anyway, I've decided I'll post and no one even has to read them if they don't want to, this can be a way for me to look back on my year and remember special moments or feelings.  I've decided that my grammar WILL NOT be perfect and I will hopefully get more creative as the weeks go on and I learn more about blogging.  I also hope my photography will improve and I can take more interesting photos.  Maybe today I can actually look through the photography books I borrowed from the library.  Aren't those due today?

So, again as I sit here on an unexpected day off I try to restrain myself from taking yet another nap and do something productive. 

Sean took Scott up to NY for a few days to visit Grams, Poppa, and Aunt Caitlin.  Even though I have  more than enough time to relax and recharge my mommy batteries, I still miss them.  I miss Scott's little mouth full of erupting teeth, his ticklish little feet, and his big (now brown) eyes.  I miss my husband and I hope he is enjoying the time with his family.  How I wish I could have gone up with them. 

I took out the camera this morning and took a few shots of Scott's nursery.  Very unusual that there are not 30 board books thrown around the floor or a snuggly stuffed sheep laying on the carpet.  I know that within a couple of years Scott will outgrow this cute little farmyard theme and can hopefully pass it on to a brother or sister, but in the meantime we're glad he enjoys the cows, sheep and chickens.

Hard to believe I saw this nursery decor on a website about 4 years ago and still liked it when it was truly time to decorate a nursery!

Scott loves his little die cast metal John Deere we change him, he usually points and asks for his CRAT-CHA (baby talk for tractor, we understand)

This little piggy lives on the changing table ....his poor nose!

Scott loves to use the big sheep as a pillow while reading books and the little one was a gift to me when I was born!

Even Lou misses Scott, can't you see the despair in his eyes?
Until another day....thanks for reading (or not).

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