Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Weekend! 1/22/11

The weekend is here, now time can slow down!  January is such a month of clean-up.  We're still slowly getting the house back together after the holidays.  Placing furniture back where it belongs, finding homes for all our Christmas gifts, putting together and adding batteries to Scott's new toys.  I don't always get to scratch everything off my lists but it's usually because of pleasant distractions.  Today I am determined to accomplish a few things.  We're all up early and breakfast is complete.   Sean's car needs to picked up from the shop.  We need to stop at the library and pick up a few books/DVDs.  Lunch at home, nap for the little man, Target to pick up photos, Valentine treats and cards, Petco to check out the fish and birds, and home to play and have dinner.  Sounds busy and it will be, but sometimes busy is good especially with a little one.  Now, on to Shutterfly to order my prints :)

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