Friday, January 21, 2011

No need for an alarm clock! 1/21/11

I was talking with another mom in Scott's class the other day a bit about our children's sleeping habits.  In the short conversation, we both had to laugh when we agreed that once the baby stands up in the crib, it may be quite a battle getting them back to sleep.  Scott will toss and turn, sometimes whimper or cry, maybe even talk a little and still be able to self soothe himself back to sleep but once he stands's over!  He now stands at the corner of his crib (right near his bedroom door) and repeats with ascending volume MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA, DADADADADADADADADA, or WOUIE (one day he'll realize the cat can't really assist in the matter)....until either he becomes so exhausted and realizes we're pretty much ignoring the requests or one of us comes in to comfort him.  Molars have been the issue lately otherwise he is a pretty great sleeper.  I snapped this photo of him today after his nap, standing in the crib letting me know he's done!  He did snooze for over 3 hours so I really can't my rosy cheeked little guy!


  1. LOVE that he asks for Lou when he wakes up! I wonder if Ben will ask for Addie when he starts talking. I babysat for Jared one evening, many years ago, and when he woke up, he called for "Sue Sue" instead of Mommy or Daddy, since I had put him to bed :)

  2. Z used to call for me all the time because I would put her to bed so was cute!