Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm moving in with Mickey Mouse! 1/21/11

Dear Mother Nature,
         I have been meaning to write to you for the last few years.  I love the beauty of snow, I truly do, but now as an official "grown-up" I've realized....I HATE WINTER!   Yes, I understand we moved to an area known for bitter, icy winters, but I am truly tired of the season.  I don't know anyone who thinks it's fun to get in the car all bundled up like a marshmallow.  Really, it's uncomfortable!  I'd much rather be wearing flip flops.  Anyway, just a quick plea for an early spring....please (get the groundhog in on this too).  I'll make it up to you by weeding my gardens more often this summer, I promise!  Thanks. 


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