Thursday, February 3, 2011

Broadway 2/3/11

I love musical theatre!  I've never acted just always admired.  I grew up listening to showtunes.  
You name the show, my parents had the record (yes, the record).  From Oaklahoma to Little Shop of Horrors to South Pacific we listened to it all, danced to it all and sang to it all.  I fell asleep listening to the Annie soundtrack in my bedroom every night during my early childhood and I'll never forget the lyrics to that music.  My aunt was and still is one of the biggest Barbra Streisand fans on earth and I can tell you a lot of my interest in Broadway came from her direction as well.  I learned how to play the clarinet in the 5th grade and continued through highschool squeaking out showtunes in a dorky marching band uniform or in the pit orchestra for the school play.  Miss Saigon happens to be the first Broadway show I ever saw and I'll always remember it.  If anyone recalls the mid- nineties and my obsession with figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, you'll remember she skated to the song, "The Last Night of the World" from Miss Saigon on her journey to the '94' olympics. Please don't make me break out my Nancy scrapbook, yes I still have it...Anyway, this song will always bring me back to that time in my life and i think it's beautiful...I finally got to see Miss Saigon on Broadway in the late 90's and I absolutely loved it.  It was my first time seeing a show on Broadway and after that I couldn't get enough.  From then on, every chance I got I would take a trip up to NY to see another show...Road trips in college with my friend Anthony from DE to NY were no big deal and happened quite often.  We would wait in line at the Nederlander Theatre for the 20 dollar raffle tickets to see Rent (I won twice, front row seats)!  I won't tell you how many times Anthony has seen it...moving on...When I married Sean, we moved to his hometown, in NEW YORK!  We lived less than an hour from the theatre was awesome (if only newleyweds had more $$$$$)!  After working somewhere I wasn't happy with for about 8 months, a job fell into my lap that brought me closer to Broadway then I had EVER  been... it was AMAZING and I'm so glad I had the chance to spend almost 3 years of my life in that position.  Thanks A, P and Z....I'll never forget my time with you!  Fast Forward to 2011 and here we are settled in Pennsylvania, happy as can be with an occasional trip to Manhattan to spend some cash on a great performance...I'm content with my CD's, MP3s, photos and memories and I'm always looking forward to the next time I can leaf through a Playbill!

The Last Night of the World...beautiful

Playbills I've already leafed through...

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