Friday, March 11, 2011

Flashback Friday 3/11/12

Missing my grandparents....

-Missing the busy holiday dinners
-Missing the mauve van (with curtains and a tv)
-Missing the smell of smoke from Eve Lights and cigars
-Missing the vacuum that didn't plug in
-Missing lemon iced tea
-Missing the noisy ice dispenser for the lemon iced tea
-Missing exploring the attic treasures
-Missing the model trains
-Missing Sunkist Fruit Gems
-Missing W.P.E.N. on the radio
-Missing the Christmas cards hanging on the stair railing
-Missing jumping off the concrete front porch
-Missing jumping off the concrete back porch
-Missing evening laughter
-Missing 3 hour road trips to PA (only 1 hour away)
-Missing the organ
-Missing my Crayola crayon cup
-Missing the hutch full of photo albums
-Missing button spindles
-Missing port wine cheese and crackers
-Missing the junk drawer

Missing my grandparents.......

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