Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peppermint Bark

This is a holiday treat I have been making for the past few years.  It is fairly easy and requires only a few ingredients!  It's very tasty and perfect for Christmas munching!  All you need is...

                                                     one bag of white chocolate chips
                                              (a 12 oz bag works well for one small batch).

Candy canes (8-10 for a small batch)

peppermint extract for extra flavor if you like

wax paper and a cookie sheet

I choose to melt my chips in the microwave, but a double boiler is recommended

Unwrap candy canes and place in a ziploc bag...have a little helper smash them up with a heavy kitchen tool that he could easily hurt himself with

spread melted chocolate on cookie sheet (add extract right before spreading if you are using it) and sprinkle candy cane pieces all over the melted chocolate

place in the refrigerator for about 1/2 hour or until cool and firm then break into bark sized pieces... enjoy for yourself or package for gifting.

Reward your little helper with a sugary treat and praise him for not breaking the glass table or his finger

He'll be happy!

Merry Christmas!

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