Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Month!

Colin is one month old today! Already!  I am going to take monthly birthday photos of Colin and I did the same thing for Scott as well. I propped Scott on the couch and made cute little signs with letters and numbers cut from magazines.  They were really adorable and for his 1st birthday I made a poster with all the photos printed in black and white.  I wanted to make the same memories for Colin but I decided to change it up a little bit.  I got this idea from a blog I like to read called Young House Love (  They used a different swatch of colorful fabric every week for their daughter's first year and photoshopped her age on a white onesie.  I loved the idea and decided to do something similar.  Although I will not take photos every week, I will do it every month and probably make a poster or a book for Colin's first birthday.  I use Picasa to edit my photos and although it it more limited than Photoshop with it's tools, I can basically do the same things for FREE! You can download Picasa here  Here is the shot of the project the folks at Young House Love created for their daughter Clara...
and here are a few of the many shots I took of Colin before I chose my favorite to edit...

I think it will be fun choosing fabric every month and witnessing his growth over the year.  Anyone have ideas on what I could use the fabric for after I am finished with the photo shoots?  I bought a yard this time and I think it worked.  Hopefully a yard will be enough when he is a big, squirmy 11 month old!


  1. Ask my mom to make a blanket using some of each fabric in exchange for the donation of the rest to her collection ;)

  2. It's Sue, not sure why it doesn't say my name...